ATC Underfloor Heating Map 160W 4 Meters

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ATC Underfloor Heating Map 160W 4 Meters

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  • – Mats can be joined together at the thermostat
  • – Ideal for direct heating applications
  • – Easy to install single end connection
  • – Minimises dust and air movement
  • – Frees up wall space
  • – Completely safe
  • – Maintenance free
  • – Requires OTN1991H thermostat
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ATC Electric Under Floor Heating Mats provide a very comfortable, efficient and economical addition or alternative to standard heating systems. It is recommended that the mat is laid on insulation board They add a fabulous feel of comfort and warmth to bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories or any general living area where ceramic or stone tiles are laid. Requires OTN1991H thermostat.

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